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Smart Feed, Higher ROI

Significantly minimize ad spend on products with broken or cut sizes and unoptimized catalog images, empowering you to boost ROAS and prioritize high-return products. Explore the various features of for e-commerce success.


A single dashboard for multichannel growth 

Prepare your Feed for top ad platforms—Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube.


Identify disapproved products instantly, saving 20% daily on optimization. 


Take swift corrective actions for uninterrupted ad delivery.

Identify top sellers to boost conversions

Easily pinpoint your best-selling products.


Craft a tailored advertising strategy by showcasing these top-performing items. 


Let be the backbone of your Meta and Google ads strategy.

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Group 1000001929.png

Auto-tag Out of Stock products. Your Feed, Your Rules. 

Instantly tag products as 'out of stock' for real-time stock accuracy.


Utilize tailored feed rules to efficiently manage stock availability. 


Highlight essential sizes to enhance your store's performance.

Reduce ad spend wastage on products with irregular sizes, optimizing your budget.

Ad-optimized Product Images

Optimize images for Meta and Google ads effortlessly.


Boost CTR and ROAS with padding and auto-sizing of product images. 


Enhance the visual appeal of product images for improved user engagement.

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